Mountain Men and Life in the Rocky

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Malachite’s Big Hole


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The Mountain Men

Indian Sign Language

The Men

John David Albert

Manuel Alvarez

William Ashley

Marcelino Baca

Abel Baker

Instructions for Care of a Fort

Jim Baker

Jim Beckwourth

Francis Ziba Branch

Calvin T Briggs

Francis A Chardon

August Clermont

James Clyman

Bill Craig

Ramsay Crooks

Map Showing Route of Westbound Astorians

Map Showing Route of Eastbound Astorians

Lucien Fontenelle

John Gantt

Johnson Gardner

Hugh Glass

Antoine Godin

Moses "Black" Harris

Alexander Harvey

John L Hatcher

Jacob and Samuel Hawken

John Hawken

James Kipp

Manuel Lisa

William McGaa (Jack Jones)

Joe Meek

Alfred Jacob Miller

Antonio Montero

Peter Skene Ogden

John Robertson

Edward Rose

Osborne Russell

Peter Sarpy

Alexander Sinclair

Jedediah Smith

Smith Travels 1826-27

Smith Travels 1827-29

Sir William Drummond Stewart

Milton Sublette

William Tharp

David Thompson

Explorations of David Thompson

Simeon Turley - Distiller

Siege at Turley's Mill

William Vanderburgh

Death of Vanderburgh

Louis Vasquez

William S Williams (Old Bill)

Richard L Wootten

Nathaniel Wyeth

Flintlock Conversion Service

The Women

Marie Dorian

Narcissa Whitman & Eliza Spalding

The Whitman Massacre


Isabel Gunn

Marie-Anne Gaboury



Swivel Guns


Black Powder

Black Powder Production Through Time

Gun Powder Freighting

Ashley's Ammunition - 1824

Lancaster Rifle

English Rifle

Kentucky/Pennsylvania Rifle

Jacob and Samuel Hawken Rifles

Plains Rifle

New English Rifles

North West Trade Gun


Pistols & Handguns

Colt Paterson Pistol

Pepperbox Revolving Pistols


Worms & Ram Rods

Gun Flints

Flint Caps

Gauge-Caliber Conversion

Steel Traps


Pipe Tomahawk

Collins Axe


J. Russell Co - Green River Works



Indian White Clothing Styles

Shoes of the Early 1800's










Steamship Yellowstone


Sled Dogs Gone Wild

Dog Shoes

Food & Drink

Trade Alcohol

Evading Liqour Laws

Mtn Medicine

Cholera Strikes the Upper Missouri River

St. Peters Small Pox Epidiemic

Indian Medicine

Glossary of Treatments, Medicines Diseases and Terminology

Dr. Robert Thomas



Skins & Furs


Rendezvous 1825

Rendezvous 1826

Rendezvous 1827

Rendezvous 1828

Rendezvous 1829

Rendezvous 1830

Rendezvous 1831

Rendezvous 1832

Battle of Pierre's Hole

The Account of Zenas Leonard

The Account of Nathaniel Wyeth

The Account of John Ball

The Account of Robert Campbell

The Account of Warren Ferris

Rendezvous 1833

Rendezvous 1834

Rendezvous 1835

Rendezvous 1836

Rendezvous 1837

Rendezvous 1838

Rendezvous 1839

Rendezvous 1840

Rendezvous 1843

Rendezvous Map

Trade Goods


Ready-Made Clothing


Fabrics & Sewing

Foods & Consumables

Tobacco in the Mountains

Shuck Cigarillos

Cigarettes in the Southwest

Clay Tobacco Pipes

Guns & Firearm Supplies

Iron & Steel Tools

Personal Adornment

Glass Trade Beasds

Personal Hygene

Horse Gear

Cooking Implements

Writing and Records

Miscellaneous Trade Goods


Geopolitical Map 1700

Geopolitical Map 1750

Geopolitical Map 1763

Geopolitical Map 1803

Forts & Posts

Bent's Fort

El Pueblo

Fort Davey Crockett (Fort Misery)

Fort Hall

Fort Jackson

An Analysis of the Fort Jackson Trading Camp Inventory

Fort Lancaster

Fort McKenzie

Fort Piegan

Fort Platte

Fort George

Fort Uncompahgre

Fort Uncompahgre Map

Fort Union

1837 Small Pox Epidemic at Fort Union

Fort Vasquez

Fort William

Wild Tales & Lies

Tale of the Three Bar's

Beating Off a Griz

White Man Who Scalps Himself

Whitewater Adventure

Caught With His Pants Down

Colter's Run

Hunting Antelope by Smell

Walker's Plunge

Sound Sleepers

Crucified by Prickly Pears

Attack on the Yellowstone

How Blackfoot John Smith Got His Name

Counting Pawnee

Marie's Grizz Encounter

The Death of Drouillard

Doc Newall Takes a Scalp

Blackfeet Attach the St.Louis Missouri Fur Company

Joe Meek Rescues His Woman

Disputing Courage

A Church Service for the Mountain Men

Joe Meek Stands Guard Duty

Jim Bridger Leads By Example

Fitpatrick's Blackfoot Adventure

Account of Zenas Leonard

Account of Warren Ferris

Account of Joe Meek

Edward Rose Battles Blackfoot Indians

Hunting Buffalo and Chased by Pawnee

Tricked Into Eating Dogmeat

John Hatcher Goes to Hell and Meets the Old Gentleman

Moses Black Harris and the Putrified Forest

Old Bill Williams Blackfoot Adventure

Forting up with Dead Mules



Myth of the Beard

Myth of the Hawken Rifle

Myth of the Solitary Loner

Myth of Trade Whiskey

Myth of Softening Leather

Mountain Men Only Used Green River Knives

Myths - Cheating Indians

Myth of Eating Beaver Tail

Myth of Taos Lightning


Everyday Life

Accidents & Mishaps

Buffalo Hunting

Butchering a Buffalo

Cooking & Eating Buffalo


Holiday Celebrations

Celebrity Guns and Horses

Cleanliness & Sanitation

Cooking & Cookware

Coffee - Roasting & Brewing

Dining Formalities At Forts

Dog - A Culinary Delight

Hunting with Dogs


The Greenhorn Mountaineer

Osborne Russell and His First Buffalo Hunt

Osborne Russell & His First Encounter with a Grizzly Bear

Drinker Hunts for "Porcupine"

"Big Jim" Hunts Sandhill Crane

"Big Jim" Hunts Antelope

"Big Jim" Kills a Venomous Serpent

"Big Jim" First Adventure on Guard Duty

"Big Jim" Challenges a Buffalo Bull

"Big Jim" 2nd Adventure on Guard Duty

Ice House

Indian Blanket Coat

Law & Justice

Literacy & Reading

Spoken Language

Making Lead Shot & Ball


Pack Train Life - Routines

Pack Train Life - Mess

Pack Train Life - Foods

Pack Train Life - Guard Duty

Pack Train Life - Camp Setup

Tipi Life

Prairie Travel

Preparing Robes & Hides

Preserving Meat

Notable Quotes

Starving Times

Cold Weather Sleeping

Warm Weather Sleeping

Hunting Turkey by Moonlight

Wages & Benefits - 1842

Wages & Benefits - 1851

Winter Encampment

Women as Protectors

Kitchen & Tableware

Securing Horses

Indian Sign Language


Skills and Plans

How to Make Chicory Tea

How to Make a Charcoal Retort

Thoughts on Tanning and Skinning

How To Make Small Lead Bars

How to Make a Wooden Shipping Case

How To Make A Powderhorn

Making a Rawhide Container


Clothing and Outfit


Hawks, Knives and Traps




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