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Bar Lead For Sale

These bars are cast of soft lead and are modeled after bars used in the wilderness trade on exhibit at the Museum of the Fur Trade in Chadron Nebraska, and are made using similar techniques.  There are two sizes available, one-half pound bars, and two-pound bars.  The half-pound bar measure 11 inches by 1/2 inch and the two-pound bar with tapered sides measures approximately 11 inches by ¾ inch by .6 inches thick.  

The half-pound lead bars sell for $2.50 each and the 2-pound lead bars for $5.50 each, plus actual shipping costs (or as close as I can figure).  For more information I can be contacted by email, or I can be reached through a traditional dispatch at:

Michael Schaubs
7577 Parkview Mtn
Littleton, Colorado 80127

Want lead bars but don't want to pay the price.  Follow this link to see how you can make your own bars.  These lead bars are intended to be part of a living history kit.  If you are looking for soft lead for casting into balls for shooting purposes, it is far more cost effective to obtain your lead supplies from a local recycling center.