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Reenacting - Sources:

There are many sources of goods, clothing, supplies, guns, patterns, books etc, ranging from your local historical museums and sites, mail order catalogs, to the traders and sutlers attending rendezvous, conventions or other meetings.  On the internet, almost anything can be found without much trouble, and there are hundreds of sites offering everything imaginable from cannons to Jesuit rings.  Many items are imported from China or India and can be had for good prices, but be aware that these goods may simply be produced to look old, and may not be period correct.  Prices on goods produced by local craftsmen will be higher, but still, many craftsmen, generate less than minimum wage for the time they've invested in creating the product (unless they have made a "Name" and can then command top dollar prices)

As with everything, educate yourself about what you are purchasing, close may not be good enough and cheap can be expensive if you end up replacing your purchases after additional research shows they are not really correct for your period.

Interesting Links has a small sampling of sources for re-enacting.

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