Mountain Men and Life in the Rocky

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Mountain West

Malachite’s Big Hole

The Men:

Following is a list of Mountain Men which have come to my attention. Some of these individuals have a biographical summary attached , a picture if available and references for additional information.  For a comprehensive list of individuals associated with the fur trade see “NAMES OF PEOPLE IN THE WEST DURING THE FUR TRADE,by Mike Moore.

Albert, John David
Alvarez, Manuel

Ashley, William  
Astor, John Jacob (fur trade magnate)
Autobees, Charles  

Baca, Marcelino
Baker, Able
Baker, James (Jim)
Beckwourth, Jim  
Blackwell, Jefferson
Bodmer, Karl (artist)
Bonneville, Benjamin  
Branch, Francis Ziba
Bridger, Jim
Briggs, Calvin T.   

Campbell, Richard
Campbell, Robert
Carson, Kit   
Carson, Moses
Cerre, Michael S.  
Charbonneau, Jean Baptiste (Son of Sacagawea)
Chardon, Francis A
Chouteau, Auguste  
Chouteau, Pierre
Clermont, August  
Clyman, James  
Colter, John
Craig, William  
Crooks, Ramsay  

Drips, Andrew
Drouillard, George

Ebberts, George
Ermatinger, Francis

Ferris, Warren
Fink, Mike  
Fitzgerald, John
Fitzpatrick, Thomas  
Fontenelle, Lucien  
Fraeb, Henry 

Gantt, John  
Gardner, Johnson 
Glass, Hugh  
Godin, Antoine
Gervais, Jean  

Ham, Zachariah
Harris, Moses “Black”
Harvey, Alexander
Hatcher, John L  
Hawken, Jacob and Samuel (Gunsmiths)
Hawken, John
Henry, Andrew
Hoback, John
Hunt, Wilson Price

Immell, Michael

Jackson, David
Johnston, John
Jones, Robert

Kipp, James  

Larpenteur, Charles
Leonard, Zenas  
Leroux, Antoine
Lisa, Manuel
Long, Stephen (military explorer) 

Mackenzie, Alexander
McGaa, William (aka Jack Jones)
McKenzie, Kenneth  
McLoughlin, John 
Medina, Mariano
Meek, Joe  
Miller, Alfred Jacob (artist)
Montero, Antonio 

Newell, Robert “Doc”

Nidever, George

Ogden, Peter Skene

Pilcher, Joshua
Potts, Daniel
Pratte, Sylvester
Provost, Etienne

Ranne, Peter  
Reznor, Jacob
Robertson, John (Jack Robinson)
Robidoux, Antoine
Robidoux, Joseph
Robinson, Edward
Rose, Edward
Ross, Alexander
Russell, Osborne   

Sarpy, Peter (Pierre)
Sarpy, John B (Jean Baptiste)
Simpson, George (Hudson’s Bay Company)
Sinclair, Alexander
Sinclair, Prewett
Smith, Jedediah  
Smith, "Blackfoot" John S
Smith, Thomas L (Peg-Leg)  
Stewart, Sir William Drummond
Sublette, Andrew
Sublette, Milton
Sublette, William

Tevanitagon, Pierre  
Tharp, William
Thompson, David
Turley, Simeon - Distiller

Vasquez, Louis
Vanderburgh, William

Walker, Joe
Weber, John H
Whitman, Marcus (missionary)
Williams, William S (Old Bill)
Wolfskill, William
Wootten, Richard L (Uncle Dick Wootten)
Wyeth, Nathaniel  

Young, Ewing  
Yount, George  

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