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June, 19, 2018 added a description of the death of Thomas L. Sarpy and Mr. Brown to Accidents.

October 2, 2017, added another description of running buffalo to Everyday Life.

December 10, 2016 added the term “Steelyard” to the Glossary.

June 16, 2016 Added the map: The West of 1836-1842

April 14, 2016 Added a thumbnail biography of George Nidever to The Men

March 3, 2016. Added Parisian Dog Count to Everyday Life.  

February 23, 2016.  Added Coffee Joke to Wild Tales and Lies.  

January 10, 2016. Added A Selected History of the Lower Arkansas Valley: A Narrative for the West Field Trip to Bent’s Fort.

January 1, 2016. Added The 1837 Fort Jackson Trading Camp Inventory: A Typical Outfit for the Plains Indian Trade and What it Tells Us About the Plains Indian Consumer a paper presented to September 25, 2015 at the 2015 Fur Trade Symposium, La Junta, Colorado.

November 24, 2014.  Added another hair-raising tale to Sled Dogs Gone Wild.

January 13, 2014.  Corrected the description for the term “Bury the Hatchet” in Glossary.  

April 20, 2013  Added a review of The Taos Trappers: The Fur Trade in the Far Southwest 1540-1846 to Book Reviews.

April 18, 2013.  Added a sidebar to Horses, discussing the relative strengths and weaknesses of horses, mules and oxen as draft animals on the Santa Fe Trail.  

April 8th, 2013.  Updated Steel Traps and Knives to reflect recent research which shows that trap springs were used to fabricate knives.  

March 27th, 2013.  Added a biographical sketch for John Gantt.  

February 20,2013.  Added a biographical sketch for John Albert, and Ruxton’s description of the Siege at Turley’s Mill.  

January 15, 2013.  Produced cleaner maps for Geopolitical Map 1750 and 1763 and wrote up a description for 1763 as well.  

December 28, 2012, Added a biographical sketch for John Robertson to The Men.  Updated The Mountain Men and Women with statistical information.  Added a section Illiteracy to Myths.  

November 26, 2012.  Added Fraeb’s Instructions for Care of Fort Jackson as a subtopic under Abel Baker.  

November 18, 2012.  Added a description of Whetstones under the topic of Knives.  

October 13, 2012.  Rewrote the biographical sketch of William Ashley with greater detail and added Ashley’s Contract Prices, agreed to for Smith, Jackson and Sublette.

July 29, 2012.  Added a biographical sketch of Able Baker, Jr. To The Men.

July 24, 2012.  Added a biographical sketch for Manuel Alvarez to The Men.  

April 29, 2012.  Added a description of the use of buffalo skin “moccasins” for horses by Bonneville, 1832 to Horseshoes.  Added a description of the 1834 Rendezvous by Bonneville to Rendezvous.  Added a description of the operation of a trapping brigade by Bonneville to The Mountain Men.  Added Bonnevilles description of a trappers outfit to Equipment.  Added Bonnevilles description of preparing for winter encampment to Winter Encampment.  Added a book review for “The Adventures of Captain Bonneville