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Tea Tins

Gun Powder or Young Hyson Tea labeled with an early 1800s type of label.  Tea is in tins with a friction type lid common at least back to the 1816. Tins measure 2 5/16 inch by 2 5/16 inch by 3 inches and contain approximately 2.7 ounces of tea.

Here are close-ups of the labels

Tea and specifically Young Hyson Tea (usually listed as Young & Hyson) is listed on many of the fur trade inventories. Young Hyson tea is a better grade of tea than Gun Powder.

Gun Powder Tea is $9.00/tin, or $4.00 each for ten or more tins.

Young Hyson Tea is $10.50/tin or $4.75 each for ten or more tins.

Costs do not include shipping

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